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Born to Impact

Apr 19, 2022


Just be yourself with Jenna Kutcher!


Jenna Kutcher is a Podcaster, a course creator, a business owner, a renowned speaker, and a mother making an impact on millions of people all over the world. 

She is the host of the top-ranking marketing podcast "The Goal Digger" with more than 60 million downloads and in her online business, she has led more than 90,000 students through her paid and free courses. 

Jenna reaches more than 1.4 million people across her social media channels and has been featured all across modern media from entrepreneur magazines such as Forbes and USA today as well as a featured spot on the Today Show. 

Even more, she is a loyal wife, a loving mother, and an incredible friend living out the Born To Impact lifestyle firsthand. 


In this 2-part episode, we discuss:


-How you're never too deep into a career to switch 

-Why you are your own big break!

-How to fight burnout 

-The essential importance of setting boundaries 

-How to overcome the fear of being a beginner 


And so much more.


Jenna's story will inspire you, encourage you, and pull you even closer to living the life you were born to live ... don't miss it.


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After listening, feel free to visit Jenna's website, give "The Goal Digger Podcast" a listen, and swing by her Instagram: @jennakutcher