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Born to Impact

May 1, 2019

This week we sit down with my business partner and BioTrust Co-Founder Josh Bezoni. And while you’ll get an education on the entrepreneurial mindset all throughout, you’ll also hear about Josh’s life-long struggles with fear, trust, openness, and how it was literally destroying his life.



In this powerful episode we discuss:



-Why Josh learned to “trust no one” as a child, and how this impacted him all throughout his teenage and adult life



-What you really need to succeed when your talent isn’t quite good enough



-How unresolved trauma from your past can destroy your present and your future, unless you address it



-How Josh bootstrapped his first business after college, and wound up making his first million dollars



-The other side of the BioTrust $0 - $100M story



-The good and the bad of becoming wealthy



And so much more.



In this episode, we get deep and vulnerable, and you’re not going to want to miss it.  Even more,  be sure to subscribe to the Born to Impact podcast to ensure you get notified as new episodes release each week!



After listening, to learn more about Josh and BioTrust, check out our website at