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Born to Impact

Sep 3, 2019

Get ready for an incredible conversation with Josh York.


Josh is a true American entrepreneur and founder of Gym Guyz, the #1 in-home personal training franchise in the world.


Gym Guyz has also been recognized as one of the top 500 fastest-growing privately held companies in America by Inc Magazine on the prestigious Inc 500 List.


Additionally, Josh is the best selling author of FUEL: What It Takes to Survive as an Entrepreneur as well as the host of the Fuel Your Drive podcast.


We discuss:


- Josh’s journey creating the #1 in-home personal training franchise in the world


- How to not end up like your neglectful parents


- Why Josh credits his grandfather for grounding him


- The FUEL and DRIVE acronyms that dictate Josh’s success in his work and personal life


- Josh’s trick for eliminating negativity in his mind


- Being a boss vs. the leader


And so much more.


Josh’ story will inspire you, encourage you, and pull you even closer to living the life you were born to live ... don't miss it.


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