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Born to Impact

Feb 26, 2019

Get ready for one of the most life-changing conversations you will ever listen to this week with cultural thought leader, international speaker and bestselling author Erwin McManus.  In this episode, we dive deep into many topics surrounding worry, fear, & how to truly find inner peace, including:



-Why finding peace requires that you both take control, and relinquish control


-How living in the present is the solution to alleviating most causes of anxiety and depression



-Why service is the ultimate act of leadership



-The drastic difference between fame & greatness, and which one you should be aiming for



-How your flaws often times qualify (not disqualify) you to do God’s work



-Finding the wood that fuels the fire within you to live a life full of passion and purpose



And so much more.



Truly, this is a life-altering episode that you aren’t going to want to miss.  Even more, be sure to subscribe to the Born to Impact podcast to ensure you get notified as new episodes release each week!



After listening, to learn more about Erwin and to connect with him directly, visit his website, check out his new book “The Way of the Warrior” on Amazon or wherever books are sold, and follow him on Instagram (@erwinmcmanus)