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Born to Impact

Apr 16, 2019

In this week’s episode we sit down with hip-hop management executive turned Nike-sponsored athlete to discuss how and why he dramatically altered his life’s course in the middle of huge success.



The episode actually went 3 hours, so we broke it up into two parts, but get ready to explore:



-Charlie’s childhood dream of being an athlete and why he gave up on it (only to come back to it 20 years later)



-Inside details on the hip hop recording industry, from meetings with Diddy to managing 2Chains



-Battling with food addiction and ballooning up to 300+ lbs



-The art of reinventing yourself and chasing your true dreams (it’s never too late)



-The power of manifestation and writing down your dreams as if they already were on a daily basis



-Losing 125 lbs, running an Ironman, becoming a Nike-sponsored athlete, and having a massive impact

And so much more...


If you are someone who has sidelined their dreams for a more normal life, you can’t help but be inspired and empowered by Charlie’s story.


Tune into Part I of this incredible and entertaining conversation today and be sure to subscribe to the Born to Impact podcast to ensure you get notified as new episodes release each week!


After listening, to learn more about Charlie and to connect with him directly, follow him on Instagram (@charlie) and visit his website