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Born to Impact

Jan 15, 2019

Could it be that your “weaknesses” are actually strengths when repositioned? In this episode, we sit down with sales and real estate guru Grand Cardone, and discuss exactly that, along with:


-Grant’s troubled past & how he used it to fuel a massive future


-How addiction, obsession, ADHD, and being labeled “bipolar” became his greatest assets in business


-The foundation of the 10X rule, and how huge thinking and massive action will have you achieving much more than you ever thought possible


-Why a short-term scarcity mentality (instead of a long-term abundance mentality) cripples businesses and can never lead to gargantuan success


-Why no one cares about your excuses (ever)


-Why it is your moral & ethical obligation to sell, sell, sell


And so much more.


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After listening, to learn more about Grant and to connect with him directly, visit his YouTube channel or follow him on Instagram (@grantcardone)