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Born to Impact

May 8, 2019

This week we sit down with former NFL athlete turned inspirational life coach Trent Shelton.  Trent is currently impacting more than 60 MILLION people per week through his social media channels, and shares so much valuable insight in this 2-part episode, including:


-His "it all starts with you" mantra and why it's so critically important


-How to harness the struggles in your life and turn your pain into power


-The difference between acquiring followers and making an impact


-Why you shouldn't fall in love with potential


-Facts over feelings, and how to determine the difference


-5 ways to not be used


-The dangers of one-side relationships


And so much more.


In this episode we really tackle several critical topics surrounding relationships and the tough seasons in life, along with so many actionable takeaways along the way as always. Make sure you don't miss all the wisdom Trent shares... you won't reget spending the time.


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After listening, to learn more about Trent and his new book The Greatest You, be sure to visit and follow him on Instagram @trentshelton