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Born to Impact

Sep 18, 2019

Get ready for an incredible, insightful conversation with Brian Dixon.



Brian is a global keynote speaker, marketing strategist, and business coach dedicated to helping others discover and live out their purpose. He is also the creator and host of the podcast “The Clarity Sessions” where he helps people get clarity on who they are, what their message is, where they want to go, and the process of how to get there.



Additionally, Brian is the Co-Founder of “Hope Writers”, a membership site of over 2,000 working writers and the Author of the new book “Start with Your People”.



We discuss:



-The daily decision that changes everything


-Brian’s traumatic car accident and being told he’ll never walk again


-Asking yourself “is my diagnosis going to be my death sentence?”


-The 2 questions you can ask to show up for your people in the best way


-Income vs. Impact


-Why you always have something to offer


And so much more.


Brian’s story will inspire you, encourage you, and pull you even closer to living the life you were born to live ... don't miss it.


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After listening, connect with Brian on Instagram @BrianJDixon and pick up a copy of his book “Start with Your People” on Amazon.