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Born to Impact

Aug 6, 2019

This episode is going to challenge you, invigorate you, and leave you breathless.


Welcome Chris and Emily Norton, a young couple living a sensational life of impact.


As a college football player, Chris Norton suffered a life-altering injury on the field, leaving him with no feeling and movement below his neck.


Chris was told he would never walk again.


With the support of Emily, Chris proved the doctors wrong, walked the stage at his college graduation, and walked Emily down the aisle at their wedding.


In this episode, Joel, Chris, and Emily go deep into a number of topics, including:


-The strategies Chris used to overcome the odds and live a life of massive impact, despite his physical limitations


-Chris and Emily’s remarkable love story


-How Chris and Emily prioritize family, having fostered 17 children and adopted 5 amazing daughters.


-The importance of gratitude and perspective, especially in life’s most challenging times


-Dealing with depression and mental health problems, and how to accept help when you need it


And so much more!


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To learn more about Chris and Emily, check them out on Instagram (@chrisanorton16), visit their website, or pick up a copy of their book “The Seven Longest Yards” on Amazon.