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Born to Impact

Nov 6, 2018

This episode is going to challenge you, inspire you, and blow your mind all at the same time.


Welcome Nick Santonastasso, a young man living a MASSIVE life of impact. Born with no legs and only one arm, Nick came into this world at a major disadvantage, but refused to allow it to define him. Instead, he figured out how to become independent, went on to wrestle in high school (as a varsity wrestler against able-bodied kids), and is now a competitive bodybuilder and insanely inspiring global keynote motivational speaker.


In this episode, Joel, Dan and Nick go deep into a number of topics, including:


-The strategies Nick used to overcome the odds and live a life of massive impact, despite his physical limitations


-The importance of gratitude and perspective, especially in life’s most challenging times


-The critical ability to adapt when it comes to overcoming obstacles


-Nick’s God-given “gift” of disability, and how he turned it into his biggest strength


-Dealing with depression and anxiety, and how to effectively pull ourselves out of the low points of life


-Repositioning failure to greatness, through the power of the mind


And so much more!


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To learn more about Nick and to connect with him directly, check him out on Instagram (@nicksantonastasso), visit his website, or pick up a copy of his book “Victim to Victor” on Amazon.