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Born to Impact

Jun 25, 2019

In this week's episode we sit down with NFL superstar, Dancing with the Stars Champion, and New York Times Bestselling author Rashad Jennings to discuss the “IF” in life – how to get off life’s sidelines and live the life that you were born to live.


In this incredibly insightful episode, we discuss an array of topics, including:


-How Rashad went from an overweight kid with a .6 GPA to high school football benchwarmer, to the NFL and a life beyond his wildest imagination


-How YOU are the only person who defines you, and how you are in complete control of your life


-How hard work can manifest itself as stress or passion – which one are you manifesting?


-Are you truly living, or only dying day by day?  “You can’t die forever...”


-Living your YOU-logy


-Learning to embrace those who accept you, and accept that some may not


And so much more.


This was such an impactful episode, and one every listener is sure to benefit from.  Even more,  be sure to subscribe to the Born to Impact podcast to ensure you get notified as new episodes release each week!


After listening, to learn more about Rashad, follow him on Instagram @rashadjennings and be sure to grab your copy of his incredible book, The “IF” In Life, wherever books are sold.