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Born to Impact

Nov 20, 2018

From a small town girl living an “average” life to a 7-figure business earner and coach at 25, Amanda Bucci’s story is an incredible one.  In this episode we discuss the keys to her success, and the lessons she learned along the way, including:


-The meaning and inspiration behind her 7-figure brand “Flourish & Conquer”


-The value of spending time with yourself to understand yourself, find your path, and build self-confidence


-Why “discovering others” is such a critical element to success in any business


-The importance of doing “scary” things regularly to push you out of your comfort zone


-The #1 reason and habit that skyrocketed Amanda’s career and pushed her into her calling


And so much more!


If you feel you’ve settled into an “average” life when you were created for so much more, but you’re unsure how to go about transitioning into your calling, this is an episode you surely aren’t going to want to miss!


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To learn more about Amanda and to connect with her directly, follow her on Instagram (@amandabucci) and be sure to check out her website