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Born to Impact

Oct 16, 2018

In this episode Joel & Dan continue to lay the foundation for the Born to Impact movement with the second installment of the 5 Pillars of Impact, covering:


-Pillars 3 – 5 of the 5 Pillars

-Joel initially being the worst sales & marketing guy at his local gym

-Dan going from not knowing how to use a computer to making $30K profit a month online

-The critical key to going from great to unstoppable

-The “goal expansion” technique for never peaking

-The one thing you must NEVER do if you’re going to have long-term success & impact


And a bunch of wild stories along the way that you’re sure to relate to, love, and be encouraged by.

If you want to live a life of impact—where you are making a DIFFERENCE in your family, relationships, and career—understanding, embracing, and adopting the 5 Pillars of Impact is a must.

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